Most people rely on consumer education papers to get what they are looking for in the free market place. That is why a Magazine like Consumer Report is as popular as it is today. People still want to be told about new opportunities for amazing products, and the interesting organizations that serve them. Consumers also want to know about bad suppliers, the specific customer experiences the customers suffered from and how they can spot and avoid them.

In e-commerce, reviews have certainly come of age as the most revered consumer reports. They tell buyers about various vendors, what their consumers have to say and so forth. Without them, the entire e-commerce sector would never take off. The reviews are responsible for the mostly smooth running of the industry.

Essay writing companies on the other hand, operate without consumer reports akin to many e-commerce companies. They don’t have a consumer report to call home about meaning that they force a lot of their customers to buy by faith!

Seeing students as consumers

Students spend a lot of their time shopping in conventional places filled with consumer reports by magazines as well as customer reviews. They feel safe. However, when they have to buy an essay online, they choose to do so without them because of privacy related issues. This explains the large number among them who feel exposed to existing essay scams and whatnot.

Why essay writing companies need to be reviewed.

Essay writing companies provide a critical service to college students. They help them write their essays. However, a lot of them end up hurting students when the students are robbed right in their faces. If students are given an opportunity to check out essay writing companies beforehand, it could minimize the number of those scammed in essay scams. is an essay writing company review website that aims at helping these consumers find reputable sellers with the consumer report model.

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How we work

We continually ask customers who belong to essay writing companies to come and share their feedback here. This practice while keeping a few of them off, has netted us a good number of reviews our users can rely on when they want to buy essays. We also take our reviews further by writing a comprehensive guide or summary to the services offered by each essay writing company. Be ready to find a good essay on this website today.